Hypergrid connected....sorta.

We allow incoming clothes, hair and other wearables from the Hypegrid. You must have at least Transfer perm. on these items for them to be brought in.
We do not allow, under any circumstances, anything to leave our grid.

How it works...

  • Add item(s) to a lock box at a Hypergrid Transfer Station.
  • You set the name of the avatar that is going to pick the item(s) up on the Alpha Core side.
  • Pick up the item(s) with your Alpha Core avatar once the transfer completes.
  • The transfer station synchronizes with Alpha Core at least once a day. The option to purchase an expedited transfer is available as well.
The transfer station is Hypergrid Accessible, any avatar from any hypergrid capable grid in good standing can transfer items from the Hypergrid into AlphaCore.
We do not allow exports from AlphaCore of any kind.
Gloebits are accepted in Alpha Core.